The power of ‘unexpected’

Whether it’s: Bringing home flowers Launching a new business or product Auditioning (of any kind) Or saying ‘I love you’ The act and the execution of the act becomes so much more powerful when it’s absolutely unexpected. The advantage is … [Read more]

Growth hacking

It is dubbed 'the future of marketing.' Billion dollar companies like Instagram, Airbnb, Twitter, Facebook and Zappos are created based on this mindset. Some even say "Growth Hacking has made "marketing" irrelevant or at least completely rewritten … [Read more]

The secret to happiness

Why are we here? How do we get the most out of the time we have been given? What can we do to raise our quality of life? Big questions, but let me present some of the latest findings, to help you get an overview of what science has to say about … [Read more]